"If re-elected, I will continue to work full-time and with absolute commitment and integrity on your behalf."

Dear voter

I have been a member of the States since 2008. At the last two elections I have been fortunate to secure a higher share of the vote than any other candidate across the Island. For 12 years it has been a privilege to serve our Island. I respectfully request that you cast one of your votes for me in our first island-wide election.

You will receive my full manifesto by post. I will be participating in hustings for genuinely independent candidates who are not affiliated to any political party. I will be walking around our Island and calling on as many of you as I can. I believe those asking for your support should make every effort to make you fully aware of why they are standing and what they would like to achieve if elected.

Here I wish to outline my general approach to politics.

We need deputies to be constructive and pragmatic. I do not constantly seek to revisit old arguments. I do not fall out with colleagues over political disagreements. I have a strong record of negotiating compromises. This term of government has been affected by tribalism and division. I want to help get the States back to true consensus government.

We need deputies to be authentic and forthright. I say what I believe and believe what I say. I always act in what I consider to be Guernsey’s best long-term interests. Voters should be sceptical about candidates who give the impression that they could sort out every problem with simplistic solutions if only they alone had complete control of the levers of power.

We need deputies who are hard-working. I am conscientious about attending meetings, researching issues, replying to correspondence and taking on casework for people who need assistance. I try to maintain a breadth of interests rather than becoming pre-occupied with a single issue. I am asking voters to judge me on my record over the past 12 years and not by a single policy on which we may have disagreed.

We need deputies who are resilient and who take on the most difficult challenges our Island faces, even if it is at personal cost to themselves and their families. The alternative is a weak Assembly which always takes the path of least resistance – this is not what our special Island and its wonderful people need if we are to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

If you wish to discuss my policies or share your views or ideas, please contact me at your convenience. My contact details are on my election material at the links on this page.

My Background

Matt Fallaize walking on the beach with his wife and children

I was born and grew up in Guernsey. I was educated at Vale Primary School and Elizabeth College .

I am 39. Nikki and I have been married for 16 years. We have three children: Joshua (13) at St Sampson's High School, Amelia (10) at Vale Primary School, and Megan (21 months). Before I was elected to the States, we ran two small family businesses.